Bring your Business into the Future with Smarter Safeguards
11 May

Bring your Business into the Future with Smarter Safeguards

If you run a business, you know how difficult keeping information secure can be. Your clients, employees, and even your revenue depend on safeguards that keep sensitive information behind lock and key.

In our hyper-modern world, the lock and key you need to keep information more secure than ever is usually always a digital solution. As hackers become more and more advanced, they’re figuring out ways to bypass even the most seemingly secure firewalls. When your business depends on keeping clients’ or patients’, and employees’ information out of the wrong hands, how do you know your technology is up to par?

There are a multitude of modern identity solutions to protect everyone involved with your business, including yourself. By adopting any of these systems, you’re ensuring a safer work environment for all employees and a more trusting relationship with your clients or patients:

Streamline Data Intake

With hundreds of thousands of businesses facing security incidents and full-scale hacks every day, no business is too small to be targeted. In fact, 60% of hacks are targeted at small sized businesses. Hackers often don’t care about the size of the business they’re targeting, just the amount of information they can steal.


A good cyber security practice starts at the moment clients or patients interact with your business. New clients need to be on-boarded with the utmost care. Any sensitive data, like credit card information for monthly billing, needs to be stored and processed in a secure payment system.

For medical/healthcare facing businesses, patients’ data is often even more sensitive. Technology like an insurance card scanner can securely gather a patient’s information, process and verify it, and store it in an encrypted program. A one-stop digital program like a card scanner takes the guess work out of secure processing, even ensuring to check for identity theft along the way.

Keep the Threat Out

An often overlooked area of business security pertains to office visitors. No matter the size of your office, you probably have a steady stream of employees and visitors in and out daily. Keeping personal information safe starts by closely regulating visitors and their access to different areas of your office building.

Your business might have a server room or accounting department that should remain locked to unauthorized persons at all times. The same systems that can intake patients in a medical office can scan visitors through a checks and balances system, restricting access to certain areas of your office.

These identity solutions also help to keep your employee’s safe by keeping potentially dangerous visitors out. You never want to risk letting unauthorized visitors into the building that could potentially do harm to your business, or even to your employees.

Minimize Threats Identity Verification


While having a good intake system and thorough checks for visitors is important to your business’s security, these systems don’t matter if you’re still letting in the wrong people. From the first moment you invite someone to work for you, or even just to visit your office building, knowing who they really are is crucial to keeping sensitive information private.

Internal hacks happen almost as much as external ones. Frustrated or disgruntled employees may access confidential information for personal gain. Even accidental internal hacks happen when people are unaware of their mistakes – like downloading an infected file or leaving systems vulnerable at home.

Integrating an ID scanner into your on-boarding process can help you collect employee information much faster than before. It can also run their information against national databases, checking for red flags or stolen identity markers.

While hacks aren’t always avoidable, they are usually preventable. Outdated systems and technology makes room for vulnerabilities. These become holes in your intake, on-boarding, or verification systems that skilled hackers can take advantage of to get the information they’re looking for. Bring your company into the 21st century with protection you can count on.

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